Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee, The Travel Adventure is not a standard slot game but something entirely different. The space and time travel theme takes you right into a variety of themes from significant periods in history where you battle for weapons and energy balls. The prizes you get en-route will provide you with all the ammunition to venture into the next historical world and theme. All the symbols are beautifully created with memorable character images like Casper and Lucifer, who all come together ideally to fit the theme and gameplay. The betting system is pleasurable to use and offers you a vast choice. It is controlled with wonderfully crafted on-screen game buttons that will permit you to control the betting easily. The well designed optimised mobile version of Cubee slots serves up a productive and enjoyable mobile experience. You can play and wager on the game anywhere you like with your smartphone, or your tablet.

Theme, Design & Developer

The new release by Real Time Gaming takes you through time from one point in history to another. As you start your time-warp mission, you find yourself in the landscape of the Stone Age. There you will have to battle evil foes and enemies to gain energy balls along with other valuable objects and weapons that you need to geo on to the next world. The Vikings and Valhalla await you next, where you will combat for ancient, powerful arms. The Age of Pirates is next, and this time, you need to collect cannons that will provide you with more power. At the end of your travelling adventure, you will return home to count all your booty, and claim all your prizes! It is a really innovative slot game, with a fascinating, story-driven journey through periods of history and the game provides variety and action all the way.

Slot Type - Pay Lines & Betting Options

Cubee slots does indeed serve up a wonderfully original betting system that is based on the one coin size, which is $0.01. Nevertheless, there is a wide choice of betting options, and you can set them up using the on-screen game buttons that are located beneath your reels, conveniently placed for instant access. The game buttons do not need any explanations, and they are very intuitive to use and self-explanatory. The AutoPlay function is a worthy addition providing comfort, freedom and convenience. You can set a high number of spins that will stop when you register a win, or you switch off the feature manually with the Stop button.

Paytable - Symbols & Payouts

There are lots of betting options available, and you can play for a minor amount and wager as low as $0.20 a spin. You can also step things up by wagering as high as $50 a spin. Select an amount that you are comfortable with, then play on from there. Bet big and enjoy significant payout chances, and betting small makes your bankroll last for longer. The theme is as engaging as it is useful with the atmosphere changing as you progress through time. The gaming symbols join up with you wherever you are, and Casper is the critical symbol, followed by the powerful Energy Ball. There is also the devil, Lucifer, a Bones icon and a Spike image. They will all pop up onto your screen along with various weapons and items. There are just a handful of actual gaming symbols; nevertheless, they will land more frequently and form winning combinations that will lead to modest payouts. Each time you get a winning combination on your screen, your triumph is accompanied by a wild party atmosphere full of celebration that weaves onto the screen to make your winning experience more exciting.

Bonuses & Free Spins

The base game doesn’t offer huge payouts; however, it can be useful for smaller profits. Things get even more enjoyable when you finally make it to Cubeeland and trigger the bonuses. To do that you will have to complete a long journey and gather bonus perks along the way. You can collect many free spins during the Age of Piracy round, and also build up your multiplier bonuses during the Age of Vikings round. To get to either round, you will need a lot of powerful weapon symbols to decrease Rocco’s health till you beat him for each individual age. Beating Rocco will bring you into the Age of Piracy, and once there you will save up free spins by getting more cannon symbols. If you defeat Rocco the second time, and you will be taken to the Viking Age where you collect bows and arrows in order to increase your multiplier. Beating him a third time takes you back to Cubeeland where you redeem all your bonuses. This is the time for you to utilise powerful multipliers and unique free spins to win as much as you can. You can complete your journey quickly; however, if you get stuck through the time periods and move a bit more slowly that will give you more time to build up your bonus round.

Demo Play for Fun & Real Money

Cubee has a free demo play version that you can try for fun and entertainment. You can get used to the betting and gameplay so when you start playing for real money you will have a better chance of winning a good payout. The bonuses and features can all be tried out and don’t forget that practice makes you a better player with higher chances of winning.

Mobile Game for iOS & Android

The mobile version of Cubee slots is a cute and modern game full of useful features and all the essential functions of its desktop parent. It has been streamlined and optimised for mobile devices by iOS, Android, and Windows, along with their latest operating systems and model lines. The slot can be downloaded directly to a PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can also play by using Flash-based technology Instant Play, with no waiting necessary. The mobile game comes across beautifully with vibrant and bright colours.

Summary - RTP, Rating & Slot Winners

Cubee, The Travel Adventure slots is worth looking into not least for its unique gameplay and qualities. The game symbols float around your screen without reels or actual pay lines, and the system works really well. RTG managed to craft a real winner, and the mobile version is an enjoyable affair with excellent graphics and sound effects all presented in high quality. The game gets a high rating of 10 out of 10 for sheer invention and daring, and the RTP is average at around 96%. Several players have already won big playing the game and there have been a few notable slot winners. The theme is a satisfying creation that is totally atmospheric and exciting, and with all those free games on offer along with an entertaining bonus system, you have a premium grade slot game adventure like never seen before. Cubee slots has all the makings of a classic and is a real game-changer.