Fucanglong Slots

This title probably causes you to do a double-take, right? That's fine - make sure you look again to see how much cash is available to be won in this Chinese New Year-themed slot that's named after a famous dragon. Sporting 5 reels and a jaw-dropping 1024 paylines, Fucanglong Slots is one of Real Time Gaming's more popular games of late; although everything in the software giant's library gets plenty of play-time. Fucanglong brings the dragon to you from the Orient, where you just may be lucky enough to access the riches his great form presides over.

So what does Fucanglong mean? Although it's the name of a great dragon, what does this name mean? Treasure Dragon - which bodes well for players of the game. It's from ancient mythologies, and the game-makers have really outdone themselves on the graphics. Fucanglong is outstanding; the attention to detail is elite. As this is an All Ways Pay slot, it doesn't actually matter in what direction the winning symbols show up; whether from right to left or left to right, you win whatever's in store for that combo.

As for the actual symbols on the reels, they are what you'd expect. There's a Mountain, Treasure Chest, Samurai Warrior, Gold Medallion and more. Three Mountains (there's a dragon symbol on top) lead you to the Mountain Bonus Feature, where Multipliers and Free Games await the lucky spinner.

How do you maximize your shot at winning? Well, since there are so many paylines, this represents a wonderful opportunity to play each and every single one, but bet a small coin amount. Thus, you spread increase your chances without increasing the total amount you have to spend to win. And with the casio house Bonuses and Promotions, there's a chance you could even end up winning the big jackpot with someone else's cash! Just make a deposit after you download the casino software, and you could be winning big in no time at all. Play RTG's Fucanglong Slots today.