Mermaid Queen Slots

A thing of legends, when fishermen would gather on the shore of a mysterious and deep lake and dream of maidens underneath the waters - mermaids have been memorialized in countless myths and stories. Mermaid Queen Slots brings this lore into the realm of online slots, where the 5 reel, 20 payline RTG game has developed quite the following. Golden riches and conch shells await the lucky player underneath the waves, and it doesn’t matter if you play using your mobile device or workstation - the prizes are the same.

For the ladies, there are also merman underneath the deep blue waters; but more importantly, the riches don’t care what gender you are because they will flood your lucky pockets or purse with cash if the right combinations come up. The symbols on the reels consist of the mighty Neptune God (father of all mermaids and merman), Conch Shells, Clams, Tropical Fishes, Ship with Sails, Pearl Necklaces and characters from Poker - just the higher characters, though.

One of the most important symbols is the Mermaid Queen, who brings many riches with her. Should she show up on reels 5, 3 and 1, then you the lucky player will receive 10 Free Games in the Bonus Feature that pops up. Additionally, whatever you happen to win is doubled during the 10 Free Games, which can lead to a whole lot more than you bargained for when you started gaming.

Want even better news? Your prizes are doubled just for the initial 10 Free Games; thereafter, every single prize you win is tripled! Keep in mind that this whopper of a development only lasts for the duration of the Free Games you win It’s definitely the best reason to download the casino software and try your hand at Mermaid Slots - the deep blue welcomes you.