Pulsar Slots

But can you guess what the theme might be? It sounds futuristic, but it also has a hint of outer space about it. Why does it make us think of ray guns? Whatever you have in mind for this slot, you’ve got the chance to see whether you want to play it once you’ve checked out our review.

Who is the developer?

Pulsar was created by RTG – or Realtime Gaming, to give them their full name.

There is a demo game to try too

You don’t need to risk a single cent to try the game for size. Use the demo version to see what it gives you, with a chance to figure out the rules first.

Theme details for the Pulsar slot game

This is based in space, so you can expect an outer space backdrop to the reels in action here. There isn’t too much detail – just enough to give you a feel for the game at hand.

Design features in Pulsar

The design is certainly modern, but that outer space feel has a lot to do with that. Expect lots of planets to appear, each one appearing in sharp detail. The entire game is presented in 2D.

What should you know about playing the Pulsar slot game?

The game comes with five reels. Each one includes several icons placed inside hexagons, so the whole thing forms a grid. You ought to know there are no wilds among those icons. You won’t find any scatter symbols there; there isn’t a progressive prize to be won either.

So, what is there? You will spot Neutron Stars appearing occasionally, and we’ll cover those in a moment. The game also includes Cascading Wins. These occur whenever you win something. Those symbols are then taken from the reels and replaced with new ones. This means you get another chance to try for a prize or two. If you win something else, the cascading feature occurs again. This continues until nothing is won.

How many paylines does Pulsar have?

There are 20 fixed ones in action here.

Bets should suit most players

RTG tends to provide a decent array of betting options. The same applies here, so whatever budget you begin play with, you’ll have some appealing bets to choose from.

Paytable details explain more

This should be the first place to head for once you load the game. Read everything you can, so you’ll know what to expect when you start to play.

Do those Neutron Stars trigger a bonus?

There’s no bonus in this game, not as you’d normally understand it anyway. However, you can get some perks from randomly appearing Neutron Stars. They come in four varieties, each represented by a different color. Each type destroys a pattern of icons around it when it explodes. It explodes after a specified number of goes, after the star first appears. Watch for the number on it to see how long it lasts for.

No free spins to be won

Nothing much else to say about that.

The RTP is not yet revealed

Once RTG makes this figure available, we’ll share it with you here.

Do we give this Pulsar slot a positive rating?

We’re labeling this as an 8 out of 10 slot game, as it has some cool features involved. It’s good if you’re not bothered about bonus or free spin opportunities.

The biggest prizes are mentioned on the paytable

You won’t expect to get any progressive-winning chances here, so the prizes on the paytable are the only ones available.

Get started by trying the demo

You can play for practice only by selecting this option. It gives you all you need to know to decide whether you want to play the real thing. Will you go for that option?

Play for real if you’re ready

Every casino offering RTG games should have Pulsar slots ready for you as well.

Play on your selected mobile device today too

Pulsar is available on iOS and Android, not to mention other mobile platforms.